Gathering of Light Friday, July 16, 2010

It's all Abi's fault.

Non-great colors, but here ya go:

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[18:43] Topic: Making Light remote gathering)
[18:43] guest-5476 changed nickname to jacque
[18:43] jmo: (Are you in NY/NJ by now? We're planning on going to the Jersey shore tom'w.)
[18:43] jacque: Argh. Lost chat history. Oh well.
[18:44] Topic: Making Light remote gathering)
[18:44] jacque: Okay, I think I'm back in.
[18:45] jacque: Want some more guinea pigs?
[18:45] jacque: Helloooo...?
[18:45] jmo: Sure. Youngest quite liked seeing your guinea pig.
[18:45] jacque: Who's bourbongeek? Is that Nikki?
[18:46] jacque: Una momento.
[18:48] jmo: ooh!
[18:48] jmo: aw. (from Anne)
[18:48] jacque: he's afraid
[18:48] jacque: his name is Donkey
[18:49] jmo: Donkey? (from Anne)
[18:49] jmo: I think we've just turned on our microphone. WIll try saying hello.
[18:49] terry: no audio to me
[18:49] jacque: This one's Woofie. Donkey is after the Shrek character
[18:50] terry: dark brindle?
[18:50] terry: jmo, I now see a mic symbol
[18:51] jmo: Yes, but no sound yet apparently. Anne like Woofie.
[18:51] jacque: Golden agouti is the term, I think. Woofie wants girls!
[18:52] jacque: I see a window for jmo
[18:52] jacque: Can you guys hear me? I can hear you!
[18:52] terry: yes, now that I saw all of him
[18:52] terry: I miss having guinea pigs
[18:52] jmo: is having difficulty switching between talking and listening.
[18:53] terry: jmo, do you have the mic set to Push to Talk?
[18:53] jacque: No, they're not hamsters, they're guinea pigs!
[18:53] terry: you are visible
[18:53] terry: but not audible
[18:53] jmo: This is Anne. She really likes guine pigs.
[18:53] terry: I suspect you have the mic set to Pust To Talk
[18:54] terry: audible
[18:54] jacque: This is JJ.
[18:54] jmo: okay, there's a delay of a few secs between talking and hearing others.
[18:54] jacque: I can hear jmo. Can you hear me?
[18:55] jacque: His name is JJ
[18:55] jacque: Now it's Yeti's tu