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...Or: why I should not have been in electronics school. The only reason I was there was that I was under pressure, right after high school, to Do Something, and flipping burgers at McDonald's held no appeal for me whatever. It was, unfortunately, about all I was qualified to do.

One of the things that makes me suspect that I will never be a really-and-for-truly artiste is that I don't doodle unless forced. But in electronics school, I had half a day of lecture to keep from going stark, raving mad (having no effective learning strategies at the time beyond simple pavlovian conditioning was a large contributing factor to my feelings of helplessness, but that's another story). I there for found myself doodling. Someday, when I've got a week for processing, I'll scan a page or two of my notebook and put it up here. But it finally bore fruit in a couple of reasonably satisfying drawings, of which this is one.

original: 8.5"x11", ball-point pen, 1976

Nowadays I couldn't hope to do anything so detailed short of an NEA grant and a IV Ritalin.

Oh yeah: this isn't "meant" to be Camelot. That was just a handy tag to hang on it for the purposes of filenames.

--25 August 1997

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