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Gold Rush: Robert Carlyle

original: 8.5"x11", pastel, 2010
based on Weintraub's interview video

Rush 3, pencil, 2010

Rush 1, pastel, 2011

Rush 4, pastel, 2010

I was slow to clue in to Stargate: Universe, partly because I don't get cable, so I'd had to wait for the other two Stargate series to come around to syndication. But it just so happened that I got my new Mac and high-speed internet 'round about the time SGU premiered, and therefore discovered the joys of Netflix and Hulu. Watched the first few episodes without a lot of close attention. (I think I was probably working on hallucination catchers, at the time.)

But then I saw the episode "Darkness." Rush's nervous breakdown was... spectacular. Suddenly he had my attention.

My next stop, of course, was IMDB. And from there, I found my way to