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I started this motif in high school. I was horse-crazy most of my life, until my friend Patti got one and I got a look at how much work they are. And you have to do all that work out-of-doors in the bloody cold. Riding wasn't nearly enough pay-off for all that effort, despite the fact that one can actually own and keep a horse for remarkably little money, if one lives close to the edge of town and isn't fussy about confirmation.

But we did spend a lot of time drawing horses, and since I was more starry-eyed than Patti was mine, of course, took a more etherial turn.

original: 6"x5", ball-point pen, circa 1975-77

As I was scanning this image, I found myself particularly taken by the little filagree on the tails.

--25 August 1997

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